Lunch Menu

Nova Scotia Clam Chowder

Cup $5.98 Bowl $8.98

Lobster Bisque

Cup $6.98 Bowl $9.98

Soup and Salad

A cup of soup (chowder or daily) and a small market or Caesar salad.

Chicken Caesar Salad

Traditional Caesar Salad with grilled chicken breast.

Cod & Chips

Served with coleslaw & tartar sauce.
One piece & Chips
Second piece of Cod $3.98

Mussel Pots

Choice of Curry, White Wine & Garlic, or Marinara Steamed Mussels.

Lobster Roll

Lobster, celery & green onions in a creamy dill mayo. Served in a buttery toasted bun with fries or market salad.

Fire Grilled Banquet Burger

8 oz Angus burger with cheddar cheese, bacon, lettuce and tomato. Choice of fries or market salad.

Fish or Shrimp Tacos

Cajun fried fish strips or baby shrimp on grilled tortilla. Fries or market salad.

Curry Chicken or Vegetarian Wrap

Grilled chicken or veggies, lettuce, tomatoes, and goat cheese, drizzled with curry mayo. Served with fries or market salad.

Spicy Chicken Club Wrap

Cajun chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, mixed cheese & bacon. Choice of fries or market salad.

Steak Sandwich

Grilled 7 oz. NY striploin, Monterey Jack cheese, & steak mayo, pressed in sourdough bread. Choice of fries or market salad.

Classic Corned Beef Sandwich

Warm corned beef, Swiss cheese & Dijon mustard pressed in marbled rye bread. Choice of fries or market salad.

Shrinp, Chicken or Vegetarian Marinara Linguini

Pan seared shrimps, grilled chicken or sauteed vegetables tossed in marinara sauce.

Oyster Platter

Rodneys Oyster Platters available. Paired with a selection of house sauces.
6 - $18.98
12 - $31.98
24 - $58.98

Why not enhance your lunch experience with a glass of our house wine or a nice cold glass of our Walker's draft!